You want to diffuse efficiently your expert knowledge (medical, research, industrial) to a targeted ecosystem (patients, employees or clients). You have projects such as setting up an expert training (e.g. TPE = therapeutic patient education), process optimisation (e.g. in hospitals and clinics during clinical trials) or consulting for complex solutions (e.g. in industrial devices).

You have a limited number of real experts available and a large number of learners, who need to be trained in the shortest time possible. 

You are looking for modular offer which can easily adapt to your individual needds, from specialized consulting to the usage of a specialized award winning digital platform to transform your project to success. Our "XpertMods" learning programs achieve indeed outstanding results, such as accelerating the number of "trainings" by up to 515% in just 5 months and optimising processes by up to 32%.

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The fundamental need of learners is to easily understand the expertise teached during the training courses in order to be able to apply it in their daily life quickly.

For example, in therapeutic patient education prgrams (TPE), your patients want to learn how to manage their daily lives despite a restrictive pathology. Their medical knowledge is often only patchy. This is why, thanks to the innovative concept of XpertMods, each learner benefits from a unique face-to-face training course assisted by computer, based on a tested and approved structure but adapted in real time to individual needs of every patient. Moreover thanks to our innovative Microapps, Patients can easily repeat the courses at home and even become expert teachers themselfs (family, friends ...).

Today, the growing complexity of expertise requires multiple expert knowledge (medical, technical, consulting ...). However, there are many learners than experts.

How can one easily become an expert? While it is difficult and time-consuming to become an expert a complete area of knowledge, it is easy to learn how to provide expert answers to specific questions.
The unique structure of XpertMods "train the trainer" makes it easy to spread specific expertise ("chunking"). Thus, the trainer can easily self-train on each sub-question of each specific expertise at a time in a matter of moments.
XpertMods' unique 3T ("train the trainer") structure makes it easy to diffuse effectively specific expertise based on the chunking principle of information: every “simple” trainer is transformed instantly in an expert.

XpertMods has been specifically designed to extract, aggregate and display on- and offline any form of content in an environmentally friendly way: presentations, movies, articles, excel calculations, polls, games, databases ...

XpertMods downloads the content only once to each PC and updates it then intelligently ("smart content"). Thus, our solution does not connect to different data centres each time it is used and reduces the carbon footprint by up to 95% compared to a Web / Cloud solution.

Your expertise evolves every day. Training and consulting with up-to-date information is essential. So how can you guarantee that your training content is always up to date and immediately available despite limited connectivity (hospitals, customer meeting rooms, etc.)?

Based on several years of R&D, the specific technical structure of XpertMods guarantees an automatic update of all your content for a quick and easy use regardless of your location and also offline.

Our award-winning platform has been specially designed to accelerate and simplify the effective diffusion of your expertise through

  • an outstanding increase in the number of training sessions & learners up to + 515% in training sessions and +146% in learners1

  •  an unique workflow optimisation up to 34% to increase at the same time team efficiency2

1Etude présentée aux JFHOD (Journées Francophones d'Hépato-gastroentérologie et d'Oncologie Digestive, 4000 participants), Paris 2023 
2Cross-functional analysis of 59 processes to manage over 120 multimedia files (presentations, pdf, text, films, spreadsheats, etc.).