Digitalization continues to profoundly change the way we work together.

From the rise of videoconferencing to artificial intelligence, these changes require rapid adaptation, regardless of the sector in which we work. Which trend should we apply? Is the digital delivered information true or perhaps false (ex. AI Hallucination)? Is the actual human control of the digital workflow sufficient?

In view of the explosion of digital information, the effective diffusion of real humain validated expertise is both a necessity and a real challenge.

Our aim is to transform the diffusion of expertise. We merge the possibilities of digital technology with human capabilities to create a unique, effective and efficient way of diffusion of your expertise.

Our solutions help users to achieve a human digitalization in which human interaction is not replaced, but supported and reinforced.

We are a team of 26 specialists who have realized more than 80 agile digital projects for diffusion of expert knowledge : consultants, project managers, designers, architects and developers.

From consulting for an effective aggregation of expert knowledge up to the design of a therapeutic patient education, from the digitalization of digital games up to the development of a complete multi-source platform for clinical research, we provide you with the right experts for your project.

Based on our cross-industry knowledge and the used methodologies (Value Stream Mapping, BPM, Lean Management, ETP), we optimize and implement web, mobile and cloud applications using the appropriate technology (Objective C/ Swift, Java/ Kotlin, C#, PHP, ASP.NET, Flutter ...) which guarantees the successful diffusion of your expert knowledge.
Clients : Pharma : Takeda (Shire), VectivBio, Homperf (Sapio), Everpharma, AP-HP, LVF, etc.
Industry : Nestlé, NTN-SNR, Coorstek, Albuz (Solcera), etc.